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😍Alltförhälsan2023 in Stockholm 😍

This year marked the realization of one of my Zumba dreams – bringing some my Zumba participants to experience a captivating Zumba master class led by internationally acclaimed instructors at the wellness fair in Stockholm.

For those unfamiliar with a Zumba master class, it's a session with an extra burst of flavor, lasting around 90 minutes. It offers a delightful blend of music and guest instructors, creating an unforgettable experience for everyone to enjoy.

During this event, we danced with amazing and renowned international and national Zumba presenters such as

😍 Tanja Gottardo

😍 Paula Mendes

😍 Zumba twinz

😍 MoniKa Lejman

😍 Steve Boedt

Last but not least, meeting Jessica Exposito and immersing ourselves in flamenco flow was an incredible highlight of this year.

The hour and a half flew by as we grooved to diverse dance rhythms from across the globe.

A heartfelt thank you to my dedicated Zumba participants who joined me on this adventure – your remarkable energy, motivation, and effort at the fair were truly beautiful.

Let's reminisce on social media about the fantastic moments from a Saturday evening in the dark November. You can check more about this event on my Instagram or my Business Facebook Page

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