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Fall into Fun with Zumba in Tullinge, Vasastan, and Älvsjö

Are you ready to dance your way into a healthier and happier fall season? Look no further because I, Patricia, your passionate Zumba instructor, have an exciting lineup of Zumba classes and events for you in Tullinge, Älsvjö, and Vasastan. Whether you're a Zumba veteran or a complete newbie, there's something for everyone!

Diverse Zumba Classes

During the week, you can join me for an array of Zumba classes, each with its unique flair in Tullinge, Vasastan (Odenplan), and Älvsjö:

  • Zumbini: A fun and interactive class designed for parents and their little ones (ages 0-4) to groove and bond together.

  • Zumba Kids: Kids get their own party with Zumba, where they can dance to their favorite beats and let their energy run wild!

  • Zumba Gold: Perfect for active older adults or those who prefer a lower-impact workout while still enjoying the infectious Zumba rhythms.

  • Zumba Fitness: The classic Zumba class for anyone looking to dance their heart out and burn some calories.

Zumba Parties for a Cause

We believe in dancing for a purpose, and this fall, we're hosting Zumba parties in support of two fantastic causes: Bröstcancerförbundet in October and I love Venezuela Sweden in December. So, not only will you have a blast, but you'll also be contributing to meaningful initiatives! Check our Event section for more information.

Zumba Parties Just for Fun

Get your costumes ready for our Halloween and Xmas Zumba party! Join me and some incredible Zumba colleagues like Johanna Lindgren, Pishi.Dance, Rebecca Blomstrand, Rocio Anturi, Simon Montserrat, Zumbaskian for a thrilling dancing time. Check our Event section for more information.

Bigger Zumba Events

Mark your calendars for two massive Zumba events in Stockholm:

  • Alltförhälsan: A health and wellness event where you can indulge in Zumba goodness alongside other wellness activities.

  • Sweden Zumba Festival: The ultimate Zumba extravaganza with renowned instructors and enthusiasts from all over the country!

Want to know more, check our events section

Dance Workshops with Top Dance Instructors:

You asked, and we listened! This fall, we have two special dance workshops featuring high-skill instructors Harold de Avila and Gabriel:

  • Soca vs. Calypso: Explore the vibrant Caribbean rhythms of Soca and Calypso in this dynamic workshop.

  • Bachata: Learn the sensual moves of Bachata and sway to the romantic Latin beats .

Want to know more, check our events section

Zumba Fitness Packages for Everyone

We understand that everyone's Zumba journey is unique, which is why we offer three exciting packages:

  • All-In Package: Access to all Zumba classes, parties, and events throughout the fall season

  • Enthusiast Package: Designed for those who can't resist the allure of Zumba parties and events.

  • Newbie Package: Perfect for beginners looking to ease into the world of Zumba with a few classes.

Take a look at our packages here.

Stronger Local Collaborations

Great news! We are now collaborating with N.g Goal Vision Dream, Vigör, Bruce.App, Swiftr and PRO Tullinge to bring Zumba Closer to you.

Zumba for Employees

Great news for employees! You can benefit from your wellness allowance by joining our Zumba classes and events. You can find us on platforms like Epassi and Wellnet.

Whether you're a seasoned Zumba enthusiast or just starting your fitness journey, I welcome you to join our Zumba community this fall. For more information, class schedules, and booking details, visit my website

Get ready to move, groove, and have a blast with us this fall season! Let's make it a Zumba-filled autumn to remember. See you on the dance floor! 💃🕺

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