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Having Fun no matter the weather: The Joy of Zumba Kids at Monas simskola Summer Camp in Lidingö

Summer camp is always the perfect time for exploration, laughter, and building memories that last a lifetime. Among the plethora of activities available, Zumba Kids stood out as an incredibly enjoyable and beneficial activity for children in #Brevidsbadet. When combined with the refreshing water element of a pool, Zumba Kids created an unbeatable combination for fun, fitness, and children's growth. In this blog post, we will dive into the wonderful things that came from doing Zumba Kids both inside and outside the pool during summer camp in Lidingö, showcasing the joy and benefits it brought to young hearts and minds.

1. Fun and Excitement

Zumba Kids is synonymous of energy and vibrant music. When children took part in Zumba Kids sessions inside or outside the pool, they were immediately transported into a world of joy and excitement. The rhythmic movements, colorful dance routines, and high-energy workout encouraged children to be active while enjoying every moment of it.

2. Social Bonding

Dancing was an inherently social activity, and Zumba Kids further amplified this aspect. Children got the chance to interact with their peers, forming new friendships and strengthening existing ones. In the pool, play and laughter became essential. This camaraderie fostered a sense of belonging and boosted confidence, making summer camp an even more memorable and fulfilling experience.

3. Improved Physical Health

Engaging in Zumba Kids activities in and outside the pool was not just about having fun; it also provided a fantastic workout. Through Zumba Kids, children developed better cardiovascular health and coordination, all while laughing and splashing in the refreshing water.

4. Enhanced Cognitive Development

Zumba Kids was not only about physical benefits; it also positively impacted children's cognitive development. Learning and memorizing dance routines in a playful manner stimulated their memory and cognitive processing. Moreover, the incorporation of diverse music genres in Zumba Kids helped expand their musical awareness and appreciation. These mental exercises contributed to the holistic growth of young minds during their summer camp experience.

5. Boosting Confidence and Self-Expression

As children participated in Zumba Kids sessions, they were encouraged to express themselves freely through dance. This form of creative self-expression was invaluable in boosting their self-confidence. As they mastered new moves and showcased their dance skills, their self-esteem soared, providing a solid foundation for personal growth and success. The accepting and encouraging atmosphere of Zumba Kids classes nurtured individuality and self-assurance.

6. Positive Outlet for Energy

Summer camp was brimming with endless excitement, and children often had an abundance of energy to release. Zumba Kids provided the perfect outlet for this youthful exuberance. Dancing to vibrant beats allowed kids to channel their energy positively, preventing boredom and restlessness during their camp experience. As a result, they returned home not just with lasting memories but also with a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.


Incorporating Zumba Kids both inside and outside the pool at summer camp was a win-win situation for children. It combined the joy of dance with the refreshing benefits of water and the outdoors, creating an activity that promoted physical fitness, social bonding, cognitive development, and self-confidence. Children revealed in the sheer excitement and freedom of movement, all while forming cherished memories with their peers.

Thanks to Monasimskola for including Zumba Kids at summer camp and encouraging children to dance and let loose during those 4 weeks. It was a fantastic investment in their overall well-being and happiness this season.

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