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Blending Passions: My Journey from Zumba to Empowering Women

Hello, dear readers, Patricia here. Since 2018, my world has revolved around a singular mission: to intertwine my love for supporting entrepreneurial women with my zest for Zumba. When I first embarked on this journey, meshing these disparate worlds seemed a lofty dream.

My life took a new turn when I moved to Sweden, seeking my purpose and joy in my new home. Faced with two potent passions, I pondered if one had to fall by the wayside. That was until Marta entered my life, an encounter sparked by Bibi, a fellow Spanish-speaking expat.

Marta, my first and so far, only intern, brought with her a fresh perspective during her six-month stint. Her task? To dive deep into edtech for women, which serendipitously led to the suggestion of incorporating Zumba into my business model.

This idea, initially perplexing, took root over three tumultuous years filled with business ups and downs. These reflections often led me back to the drawing board, pondering if blending business with Zumba was ever feasible. Yet, the concept of quitting never fully settled with me, despite the myriad entrepreneurial pitfalls encountered.

Last year's breast cancer awareness event marked a pivotal moment (You can check more about this event on my news, too). It embodied the essence of empathy, crafted 'for women, by women.' This event wasn't just about Zumba; it was a platform for deeper connection, sparking the question: How could I enhance these gatherings?

The answer slowly unfurled: infusing business insights into Zumba's vibrant atmosphere. The thought process evolved—introducing warming activities, engaging talks, and a marketplace for local entrepreneurs to shine.

The crescendo of this journey was this year's International Women's Day celebration. Admittedly, it started amidst a swirl of self-doubt and business worries. But, inspired by the notion created by one of my favotrite female venezuelan inspirators Michelle Poller, "What's the best that can happen?", I transformed my mindset. I dissected past successes, innovated, and intertwined Zumba's joy with empowering elements.

These events in Tullinge and Odenplan were heartwarming, a testament to the power of women's stories, notably emphasizing the influential role of mothers and grandmothers and our zumba participants who mosntly are women.

In Odenplan, Vasastan, we embraced a fiesta of empowerment, partnering with entities like TG Fitness, Irmiz Rosas Cake Design, Soruhl, Michelle Job Photography, Mona Simskola, Wonderwomen to create an unforgettable experience to welcome our Zumba participants.

Another unique aspect I aimed to emphasize was the incredible diversity and richness of life experiences among my Zumba participants. This time, I invited Rowena Lee, a female expatriate with a wealth of global travel experience. She captivated everyone by sharing five insights gleaned from her varied life journeys. And guess what? Everyone wascaptivated. One key takeaway for me was the transformative power of affirmations and the significance of the language we use with ourselves. 'I am a Goddess,' she said, a simple yet profound reminder of our inherent strength and beauty."

What made these evenst uniquely special were the Zumba instructors, each bringing their unique flair. Elin Israelsson brought the new sounds of Zumba to Tullinge, Aula Rajab Alias Ola introduced us to enchanting oriental rhythms, Irantzu Sacristán of the powerful team of Zumbaskian energized us with country moves and nostalgic jams, while Yamila Cortina, my dear mentor unleashed the Latin explosion, infusing freedom and fun into every step.

Here is my dear Zumba colleague Elin Israelsson in Tullinge

From left to right: Munira Oduola, Rowena Lee, Aula Rajab, Irantzu Sacristán and Patricia Alvarado. PIcture taken by Michelle Job Photography

Amid the beats and moves, we ventured into new territories with the trial of CIRCL Mobility led by Munira Oduola, exploring new dimensions of movement and well-being. The raffle added an element of surprise, with lucky winners walking away with more than just new memories.

Feedback from our guests has been overwhelmingly positive, echoing sentiments like

"Everything was amazing as usual," "Loved every detail of the event", "it was awesome," and "All The instructors were great!" Such comments are the wind beneath my wings, propelling me forward.

Reflecting on these events, I'm filled with immense gratitude. The journey from a budding entrepreneur to a community inspirer has been nothing short of transformative.

Thanks to the 50 incredible women who joined us, proving once again that when women support each other, incredible things happen.

Stay tuned, for this is just the beginning. More Zumba events are on the horizon, each aiming to weave together the threads of empowerment, community, and joy.

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