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✨Bachata Lady Style a special dance workshop in Tullinge✨

What an incredible time we had at the Bachata Lady Style session in Tullinge! 💃🔥

This fall, I delivered on my promise to our Zumba participants living in Tullinge or nearby, bringing the enchanting Linda from Studio Salsa to guide us through the magic of Bachata – and the energy was simply off the charts! 🌟🕺

Linda skillfully incorporated sensual body rolls, beautiful arm movements, and elegant footwork. The Zumba ladies took over the dance floor with curiosity and Openness, and grace, all without mirrors and in a surprisingly short amount of time. 🌹🕺

As we delved into the beauty of Bachata, every sway and twirl became a part of unforgettable moments shared together. 🎉 Moreover, we not only enhanced our balance and confidence but also had an absolute blast!

A heartfelt thank you to Linda Björkman of Studio Salsa for sharing her love for Bachata with us and to everyone who joined and danced their hearts out. Let's continue dancing our way to joy and empowerment. 💖🔥

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