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Embracing The power of your Cultural Identity as an Expat: the Elevate Podcast

Recently, I had the incredible opportunity to be a guest on the thought-provoking podcast "Elevate," hosted by the talented Jessica Halon ♥️. In the 18th episode, we delved deep into a subject that holds significant importance to me—leveraging your cultural identity as a strength during the migration journey, specifically in Sweden. It was an enlightening and empowering conversation, and I couldn't have asked for a better platform to share my insights and experiences. In this blog post, I want to reflect on my episode podcast, and the invaluable discussion we had.

The Elevate Podcast

"Elevate" is an inspiring podcast that aims to uplift and empower its listeners through engaging discussions on various aspects of life as entrepreneur exploring topics such as personal development, and multicultural experiences, courage, challenges and many more. Jessica Halon, the heart and soul of the podcast, is an accomplished photographer, picture storyteller and advocate for diversity and inclusion. Through her show, she creates a safe space for individuals from different backgrounds to share their unique journeys, wisdom, and triumphs, fostering a sense of belonging in an ever-changing world.

During this episode, we explored the intricacies of migration and its impact on one's cultural identity. We delved into how embracing and celebrating our cultural roots can provide a sense of stability and belonging, especially in a country like Sweden, where cultural diversity can be seen asa curse. We discussed different experiences during ny time in Umeå and Stockholm.

Being part of the "Elevate" podcast with Jessica Halon ♥️ was an unforgettable experience. It allowed me to share my personal migration journey, the challenges I faced, and the strength I found in embracing my cultural identity. Jessica's passion for promoting understanding and empathy through storytelling is truly commendable, and the presence of Patricia Alvarado made the conversation even more enriching. If you're on your own migration journey or simply interested in this topic, I highly recommend tuning in to Episode 18.

Looking forward to reading your comments here about this episode or directly on Spotify or Apple

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