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My 7 favorite things about being a Zumba Instructor

These 5 years have been a very fulfilling and rewarding experience both personally and professionally.

If I had to summarize what I'm grateful for, I would definitely have to talk about 7 of my favorite things of this amazing profession.

♥️ Watching my students grow and improve their confidence, their health, and wellness. I can't take the smile off my face every time this happens.

♥️ Creating a positive and supportive environment where my students can feel comfortable and confident to learn and express themselves so they can keep moving and continue their development through my classes.

♥️ Building meaningful relationships with not only my beautiful students but colleagues, organizations, companies and vendors. I have met so many incredible people during these 5 years. Participants who have become my dearest friends and supporters.

♥️ Recovering my love for my Latin culture. it's hard to express in words, this proud feeling that you gain when you see your students dance Latin-American rhythms, especially if the music comes from my country Venezuela, I get extra goosebumps. Did they just do that?

♥️ Leading a zumba class has helped to improve my leadership and communication skills because I have to motivate and inspire others through dance steps, music, passion and simple instructions in different languages. In my different classes, my students come from different corners of the world. Some of them speak Swedish, others prefer English or Spanish and sometimes, I just mixed it up.

♥️ Giving back to society and to Venezuelas children in Maniapure through #zumbaevents where we encourage not only health, fitness and fun but also awareness of the needs of indigenous children and their families in the South of Venezuela. This has been a great opportunity to assemble other venezuelans and zumba enthusiasts for a great cause.

♥️ Sharing with others the love of dancing. I truly believe that dancing is an expression of our true colors. On the Zumba floor, there are no colors, ages, religions or nationalities. It's beautiful how we all feel while we dance. It just clicks. We feel like we belong.

Before you stop reading this, I have 2 questions for you depending on your case.

❓️If you do Zumba, what's your favorite thing?

❓️If you work as a zumba instructor, What's your favorite aspect of our profession?

😊 Happy to read your comments, you know where to share them.

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