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Sweden Zumba Festival Authum 2023

In November, one of my wildest Zumba dreams materialized: becoming a Zumba presenter on the stage of the Sweden Zumba Festival.

This event proved to be both an enjoyable and enlightening chapter in my journey as a Zumba instructor in Sweden.

Whether or not you've harbored this dream, there are numerous formidable challenges to surmount before setting foot on the stage. These include self-preparation, selecting music and choreographies, battling stage fright 😱, and contending with impostor syndrome.

Picture by Daniel Leiva


Throughout this whirlwind experience that seems to fly by, a myriad of emotions unfolds within your body, mind, and heart. The key is not only to feel them but to let them flow you from the inside out.

In that pivotal moment, emotions oscillate from fear and nervousness to jitters and courage, accompanied by a profound sense of accomplishment and pride. I was the only Venezuelan in the stage.

Picture by Daniel Leiva

Simultaneously, you connect with your deepest identity, feeling akin to a positive performing artist. It's a sentiment that's challenging to articulate—better experienced than read about.

🧡In my expressions of gratitude, Carlos Zumba Ibanez and William Flores stand out for taking the risk and organizing this event.

🧡Special mention to our international guest @dancefunfitness, a truly inspiring figure for all Zumba instructors.

Picture by Daniel Leiva

🧡Kudos to my exceptional Zumba colleagues, whose efforts sustained vibrant vibes throughout the entire party. Witnessing each of you on stage or sharing the floor was a divine experience. ✨️

🧡A salute to the Zumba participants who joined us, showcasing commendable endurance in engaging in Zumba for a continuous five hours—an incredible feat. 💕

Heartfelt appreciation goes to my family for their unwavering support ❤️, and to my wonderful Zumba participants for their belief in me.

Want to see more about this event, check my Instagram or the Festival Own social media channels.

Looking forward to dancing with you again in May.

Love you 💕


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