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6 benefits of Keeping your Kids Active

What you establish as part of their weekly routine now will set the habits for the future.

This week, I had my first classes of #Zumbini and #Zumbakids of the season in #Tullinge and they got me thinking about all the incredible benefits that kids no matter their age gain from doing physical activities. This is not just physical but also social, mental and emotional. Among the benefits that I noticed in both roles as an instructor and as a mom are:

  • A stronger immune system prevents both children and parents from being sick.

  • A better concentration because they pay attention to the teacher's instructions and later, this will help them learn better at school

  • Better body control because their bones and muscles are getting stronger. This means fewer falls and accidents with everything and everywhere.

  • Great confidence and self-esteem. I love to see my students and own kids express their creativity through dance steps and following the music.

  • Better moods. Fewer tears vs. more smiles which means a calmer family environment.

  • Life skills and values development such as curiosity, respect for others, openness, leadership, negotiation, play

  • Better sleep helps mommy and daddy sleep better, too.

Have you noticed these benefits in your own kids? I would love to know your own experience.

Last but not least, it's important to remember that it doesn't matter the age of your children. As they grow, we need to keep looking for ways for all our children to be of us in the family active because kids look to their parents. We are nurturing good and healthy habits for now and in the future.

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