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👵A test of Zumba Gold during Senior Week in Tullinge👵

In September, I had the opportunity to team up with Tullinge Library to showcase Zumba Gold to a beautiful group of seniors who joined me to shake it up during Senior Week, organized by Botkyrka Kommun. 📚💃

As usual, we started with a warm-up, and the participants had the chance to try:

✨ Merengue

✨ Salsa

✨ Tex-mex Cumbia

✨ Hip-hop

They also had the chance to:

✨ Meet friends and connect with fellow seniors

✨ Explore the joy of dancing in a welcoming and friendly environment

✨ Boost their mood with Zumba

Thanks again to all the beautiful seniors who came and joined us. Special thanks to the library of Tullinge and the municipality of Botkyrka and the library of Tullinge for organizing this event with me. 🙌🕺👵🎶

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